IET embraces a culture  based upon our three corporate values of innovation, excellent service and trust.  We deliver professional services by focusing on providing high quality of work, customer satisfaction and production. Any one of these goals without the other and our culture is compromised. We value an employee-centric philosophy that recognizes high performers and promote from within for long-term career advancement. From management to field team members the culture is always the same - always focusing on delivering a project more efficiently to our customers and providing a better workplace for our team members.

We value the diversity in our people and encourage innovative ideas to improve quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction. We strive to develop a sustainable company providing for a balance between work and life. Our culture has a positive impact upon our company growth which in turn leads to new opportunities and long-term career opportunities for our employees.

With experience executing complex projects around the world, IET employees are highly skilled, professional and customer-focused. What separates IET apart from our competition is not just our strong culture and successful global project execution, but also the collaborative teamwork, attention to detail, and value-added customer service that we offer throughout the project life cycle. IET applies thought-leadership, organizational learning, emerging technology and innovative techniques to achieve project objectives, milestones and deliverables while always striving to exceed customer expectations.

IET encourages our employees to pursue continuous learning, education, training and certifications to grow professionally and attain their career goals. IET's proven ability to consistently deliver high quality results and enable our customers to succeed is driven by the collective strength of our people. We recognize our team and individual employee accomplishments through promotion, recognition and awards.


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