Video Surveillance


IET provides services for video surveillance services for security and intrusion detection. Our systems improve security, deter crime, reduce claims, and document incidents. We enable our customers to remain ever vigilant in a world threatened by uncertainty, heightened security, theft and terrorism.


  • Project Management and Planning
  • Site Survey, Design and Engineering
  • CAD Design and Documentation
  • Build, Installation and Systems Integration
  • Programming, Configuration & Customization
  • User Training and Support
  • Megapixel Camera System
  • High Def Video Displays and LED Video Walls
  • IP and Analog Surveillance Systems
  • Copper, Fiber Optic or Wireless Transmission
  • IP Cameras, Displays, Video Servers and Software
  • Multi-channel Video Surveillance
  • Inferred (IR) Cameras for low/no light conditions
  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR) capability
  • Internal Flash, NAS and SAN Data Storage
  • Fixed and Mobile Cameras
  • Video, Audio, Alarm and Motion Recording
  • Remote/Off-premise Monitoring & Control
  • Facial Recognition & Video Analysis
  • Point to Point, Multipoint and Mesh Wireless Links
  • Equipment Maintenance and Warranty