IET Corporation employees spent the weekend volunteering at the Christmas in April Calvert County Kick-Off Event. Starting on Friday the 10th, IET assisted in the deconstruction of a World War II Army Veteran’s home. IET employees assisted in replacing the windows, roof, and floor on the front porch, replacing the entire back porch roof structure and floor, replacing light fixtures throughout the home, modifying the bathroom to allow unrestricted access to the bathtub, removing and replacing the bathroom floor, washing and painting the entire house, and cleaning and reshaping all of the flower beds. Perhaps the most important thing was to mount and display the American flag for this World War II veteran! IET Corporation employees worked very hard to assist in the reconstruction of this home, and couldn’t be more excited to do so. A sponsor of the event, IET supports Christmas in April every year. Because of all of the IET volunteers that look forward to contributing to this event, IET is planning to sponsor a house renovation with our group again next year!