IET Corporation welcomes Chris Perrygo to its executive leadership team. Chris is named Director of Federal Services Division and is responsible for market strategy, business development and operational efforts in the Federal civilian agencies and Department of Defense (DoD) market sectors. Chris will provide leadership for IET teams supporting multi-year government contracts. He will expand the portfolio of IT services and solutions focusing on building upon existing customer relationships, new market entry, business diversification, and strategic partnering. He will also play a key role to guide IET’s corporate development initiatives to enhance marketing, business process improvements, certifications, and qualifications. Chris will operate from IET headquarters located in Hollywood, MD.

Chris brings to IET over 15 years of program management, systems engineering, IT and software engineering expertise, as well as, capture management, proposal development, and corporate process improvement, including CMMI maturity level 3 and ISO 9001 initiatives.

“We are excited to have Chris join the IET team,” said Francisco Kuidlan, President. “He brings a unique combination of technical, operational, and business development expertise to IET, which will continue to drive IET’s innovation, excellent service and trust with our customers, partners and employees while helping IET achieve long-term growth and stability.”