IET delivers innovation to data center customers with data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software that transforms how organizations manage and optimize their physical infrastructure. IET can help clients use DCIM for an interactive, 3D modeling and visualization environment for point-and-click through the entire physical ecosystem – IT, Facilities, and Building Management Systems. DCIM unlocks the data buried in devices/applications and transforms that data into powerful management information to drive efficiency, performance, cost savings, and strategic planning.

DCIM provides visibility, insight, and automated workflows to plan and execute strategic initiatives for transforming the data center.

  • Capacity Utilization and Planning
  • Ghost Servers – Reducing Energy Usage and Costs
  • Thermal Hot Spots – No Need for CFD
  • Faster Root Cause Analysis for Higher Business Output
  • Asset Tracking and Management – No More Rogue Servers
  • Intelligent Commissioning
  • Power Management
  • Capacity Planning
  • Virtualization
  • Green Data Centers
  • Data Center Migration
  • Rack Utilization
  • Asset Management
  • Connectivity
  • Managing Remote Locations
  • Hoteling

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