IET offers customers with best of breed security solutions providing flexibility for the future while leveraging the latest advancements in IP Video Surveillance, Intrusion Detection, and Electronic Access Control. IET designs, installs and integrates security systems within new and existing complex/campus, building, and IT infrastructure. Our solutions have provided users with the new capabilities to monitor object removal, people movement, vehicle movement, license plate recognition and more – all in real time. IET designs our security solutions to be ‘future flexible’ enabling customers to upgrade components that incorporate the latest hardware and software advancements. Our customers expect the best security in the most demanding environments and we deliver security solutions to support the entire process from data collection and identification to processing and analysis to storage and distribution. We understand security for local government and educational campuses to complex federal government and defense installations is a top priority to monitor daily routines and achieve mission objectives securely.

Video surveillance is your first line of defense… and offense.
With IET’s IP video solutions, you will be able to see who is arriving at your facility before they get close to the building, allowing ample time to notify authorities of a possible situation. We offer 360-degree cameras that output a panamorphic view, then de-morph the views enabling consolidation of multiple legacy cameras. IP Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras can track the movement of objects, such as a biohazard container that should stay in one place until it is serviced. By configuring the camera software to monitor pixel changes in that area, the IP video solution will identify if the object has moved, generate an alarm to alert a system or person, and then record the movements for review. With new IP video solutions you can create a virtual tripwire to tell a school or daycare worker that one of the children is getting too close to the fence line, or if an intruder crosses the virtual tripwire heading to the playground, you can be notified. If an alarm occurs, the camera system can be programmed to immediately point to the location of the alarm and record the event for review.

Electronic access control solution is your second line of defense.
For any size business, small or corporate, up to enterprise level businesses, the access control system ensures your facility will not be breached by any person who is not authorized to be on-premise, within private, critical, or secure areas. These systems can eliminate the need for a separate time and attendance system to track employee attendance. In addition to time and attendance, you can track employee movement within the secure areas, monitor assets, building equipment or individual’s property, and report or annunciate any alarm or trouble condition.

If you already have a reliable network infrastructure in place, why not use it to secure your site? With Power over Ethernet (PoE) network switch, IET can deliver a solution that provides a controlled access door, card reader, door positioning sensors, electronic lock, and request to exit button. No more clunky metal boxes on the wall, just one wire, eliminating extra labor and material. This is just one example of the several innovative solutions IET delivers to our customers.

IET offers intercom systems that will enable you to view visitors at a secured entry, and remotely deny or grant access to the facility. We offer IP based intercoms that enable access control from a computer or mobile device located anywhere to view the visitors and grant or deny access. Now you can have peace of mind of a secured building that only grants access to approved visitors that require access.

Intrusion Detection Systems are the third line of defense

Once a door is opened or a window is shattered, the alarm activates calling the authorities. This is to get people out of your site, not to keep them from gaining entry, like an access control system, or prevent them from getting too close to a building with the surveillance system.


  • Project Management & Planning
  • Access Control Topology Design and Engineering
  • Cable and Equipment Installation
  • System Integration, Testing, and QA
  • System & Software Configuration
  • Physical Security Access Control Systems
  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
  • PIN Keypads and Control Panels
  • Identification Badges
  • Access Card Readers
  • Basic and Intelligent Readers
  • Biometric Readers
  • PIR Motion Detectors
  • IP Based and Wireless Solutions
  • Centrally Managed Access Control
  • Integrated with Surveillance and Data Recorders
  • Security Monitoring and Auditing Systems
  • Training, Maintenance and User Support


IP/Video Surveillance

  • Verint
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • RS2
  • Panasonic
  • Axis

Access Control

  • Galaxy

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