IET provides customers with intelligent infrastructure solutions. As a CommScope Systimax Premier business partner, IET provides full product support and services for the CommScope Systimax imVision real-time infrastructure management system. The imVision solution provides customers with an integrated, real-time IT infrastructure management system comprising intelligent copper and fiber patch panels, a rack manager plus unit for managing and monitoring the panels in a rack or cabinet, and system management software for IT and network operations management. IET can implement the imVision solution to help simplify the management and control of the physical IT infrastructure. With imVision, commercial and government customers benefit from more efficient IT management, easier patching for moves, adds and changes (MAC), physical layer tracing and optimized port utilization. The imVision system performs Simple Network Management Protocol auto-discovery of network elements and generates alarms when an unexpected or unauthorized connection occurs in the network – improving IT security externally and internally.


  • Project Management and Planning
  • Design and Engineering
  • Installation & Configuration
  • Operations & Training
  • Maintenance and Warranty


  • Intelligent IT infrastructure – copper panels, fiber optic shelves, and control systems
  • Real-time visibility and control of the physical IT infrastructure layer
  • Notification of impacts to critical infrastructure circuits
  • Auto-discovery and alerts on unauthorized/unplanned changes to the network
  • Improves auditing, compliance and accurate documentation of end-to-end network connectivity
  • Supports IT service provisioning and electronic work orders for data centers and offices
  • Improves MAC productivity through automation and guided process efficiency
  • Meets government and DoD security standards – JITC tested and approved for secure networking
  • Improves network security and reliability
  • Supports capacity and asset planning and management
  • Web-based and mobile device alerts, event notifications and reports
  • Product warranty